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Here's Why You Should Invest lending Bitcoins This Holiday Season
Here's Why You Should Get Your Loan in Bitcoins This Holiday Season. Bicopro - Investitionen
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platform where lenders meet loan requesters

The main purpose of our service is that you or your garantor don't need to sell bitcoins to get cash and this way you or your garantor can get benefiet for the increasing valuation of the bitcoin and getting a monthly rent income for depositing your bitcoins.

Are you looking for a quick loan?

Are you tired to fill in a lot of forms?

Do you want to get fast approved in no time?

Contact us now

Tell us loan amount and installments you need and what amount you already have in bitcoins available in your wallet


. You get approved for amount, rate and installments based in your needs

Enjoy your loan

Get your loan easily and quickly.

Get more profit

lending BITCOINS

Are you looking for a fast and easy investment?

Are you looking for a high and steady profit investment?

Are you looking for a safe and trust investment?


very easy!


the investment plan fits you more

Enjoy your profit

Simply, that's it!

Why choose BICOPRO


Safe & Secure

High technology, high service commitment at your service.


Fast to get your loan, Fast to invest..

Better loan rates

Competitive rates for your monthly installaments.

Better lending rates

Get more profit for your investment.

Quality Support

We are at your service..

Easy to use

Easy to take a loan. Easy to lend..

interested to get a loan?

Contact us today. Tell us the amount you need, and time to return it

Bitcoin Loans - Lending

Get your backed loan with your bitcoins - Earn by lending bitcoins

Bitcoin assets

Bitcoin Assets

Keep your bitcoins and get profit.

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Has Bitcoin

Has Bitcoins

Then join our happy lenders. We help you to buy at best price if you don't have and want to lend to get profits

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Get Monthly Income

Get Monthly Income

lending your bitcoins. You don't need to sell to get high profit.

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Low Loan Fees

Low Loan Fees

Cheaper than standard market loans fees.

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Easiest way to get a loan

Easiest Way to Get a Loan

very little paperwork.

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Low Rates

Pay Low Loan Rates

we handle very competitive interest rates.

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